Dubfreeze 2003

Dubfreeze!! You're not kidding! Brass monkeys it was. The first real show of the year, the first time lots of us had been, and the first time 80-90 got noticed. Not really a T25 show this one, or at least not in 2003, but still a well attended show, we made ourselves known, and even managed to (sort of) park nearly together in the carpark, for a few pictures.Lots of firsts, the first time Dazzer had won the Axel Knut award for a slight mishap with a windowscreen , the first time club80-90 had more than 9vans in the same place at the same time .Next year will be bigger, and better..............

The DF 2003 Club80-90 crew!

Fritz Handing Daz the Award
Dazzer winning the AxelKnutt.
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