TickledPickering1 2003

Tickled & Billy"noel~coward"Maye
jill & Sally and the back of dani's head
Gazzer 91% and Sally - what happens next?
Sally & Andy & Billeymaye, all matching!
The elusive Mr Noomo
Billymaye & the VBomber mobeeel
GolfGirlCath Erecting!
Gazzer91% being pushed out of his ruts!

This is the one that started the whole camping thing off, indeed where most of us met for the very first time, a kind of camping "blind date"!!!! Was it ONLY 2003?? Tickled Pickering was born after a drunken chat room session wheyyyy back in November 2002, and our very own Mr Onion took it upon himself to make it happen, even though his own van died two weeks before the meeting, he still turned up in a borrowed Japanish estatecar! To say it was cold is an understatement, it was bloddy freezing. But the weather just didn't make any difference, even the Lurvebus made a mammoth trip up from the deepest soouth to meet us...where are you now nigel??

I know some of you have seen some of these pictures before, but lots of the recently converted haven't, so thats why i have put this page together!

Andy & Fritz putting the world to rights
A view of a carpark we took over in Whitby!
A Layby we took over on the way to Whitby with 12 vans!
Sir 80-90
Mr& Mrs B Maye
Mr Tonysbus