Cromer Crab Crawl 2004

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Here are the full results of the 2004 Cromer Crab Contest.

A grand total of 647 crabs were caught between 16:00 and 17:00hrs

The result table In Reverse Order is:

in joint 11 th place Gazzer91 and Becky and Xflibbertygibbets teams with 14

in 10th place Bigbirds team with 16

in 9th place fritz and the "Carat crabbers" with 25 (and one dead rabbit?)

in 8th place was "The Matts" with 28

In 7th place was Mocki and Dani with 32

In 6th place was the Mercdoctors with 39

In 5th place was Mark & Anna with 40

In 4th Place was the Horza& Scoobys Duo with 60

in 3rd place was The BilleyMaye Sextet with 93

In 2nd place were The Syncro(Andy)team with 139

In 1st place was The TickledOnion and Andy Consortium with 157


Well done to all who took part hope you all enjoyed it, and will come back next year!

According to statistics just in, the 44 persons present at the CCC caught an average of 14.7 crabs each which is 38.5per van ......and no crabs we harmed in this contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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