Dubfreeze 2004!

Club80-90's 2nd visit to this show, and it again lived up to it's name!! Minus 2 degrees C with a windchill of minus 12 degrees C in the North wind it wasn't tshirt weather.We had 33 vans all parked together in the showground, a far cry from what we had thought was an impressive turn out the year before, and it definately caused a stir this time!

Club 80-90 at Dubfreeze 2004 was co-co-ordinated by Matt , Jen and Dazzer1 - Thanks Guys!

The Axel Knutt Award,

Club80-90's Bi-Yearly award for Stupidity passed from Matt(who was awrded it for falling in the pond at Billing1) to Billeymaye ( for getting mocki to install a new radio in his camper and then remembering he had taken the speakers out the week before) AND VanagonJon,( for filling his derv tank with 50l of drinking water)

The next time it is awarded is Vanfest, in September

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