Solent Sleepover 2005

"Some photos from Southsea, the yellow one is Jimís, the green/white one is Des & Yvonne Rugcheckers, the blue high top is Dave & missus dbroada, and the bright orange one is JohnEís, it had a starter motor problem so needed a tow start. Always one isnít there where the heads disappear into the engine bay. Gareth was there but parked elsewhere. It was a good meet with two new members, dbroada and rugcheckers, fleeting visits from Jake, Jim and Terryvanman, good time had by all except maybe Des Rugchecker who got bitten by his dog and JohnE whoís van decided to show him up and poor Marcus who had to drive back home with a collapsing pulley. Very cold at times but the sun was lovely and the on-site bar saw us there both evenings till late as the fish & chip fest was cancelled on Friday night because the chip shop had closed, good food served in the bar though." by Cate.


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