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Dubfreeze 07

Actually it wasnt! Dubfreeze07 was the warmest Dubfreeze in 80-90 history, no snow, not even a hint of frost, mild and damp is as extreme as it got weatherwise!

The biggest turnout of camping nutters to date, and the most relaxed Dubfreeze so far.

The Axel Knut award for stupidity was again awarded .this time to BOWTON LAD -for opening his tailgate to allow a unsecured gas bottle to follow the laws of gravity and bounce up and down on his foot causing great distress aleviated by copius amounts of alcohol causing body shut down later on in the toilets ! TOP MAN

The trophy was collected by Hacksaw bob on behalf of BOWTON LAD who sadly couldnt be with us, and didnt pre-record a video acceptance................

Thanks to everyone for the pics, which were stolen whilst you wernt looking from the forum!