Cornish Bashtie 2009

The annual Club80-90 trip to Cornwall, May 21st - June 1st 2009
who parked that effelump there?
cornish niceness carr hayze?
dwayne & Peps Camp Lloyd
Dwayne cider?
rozzo, dave,dwayne,kev,madwitch,purple tony and purple helen feedingtime
bashtiemagic Presenting Gary and Lou with a token of our apreciation, scaring them half to death when we turned up in a mob!
Lou and anne
Kate and Carolyn
Harry hill?
t4 holding up traffic? the ermies
look at that sea scenic
beaching it wave!
bluehills tin mine beach sunny
sunny clear blue
great!! mrs peps
surf? beeeach
dwayne! the peps
carr haze(y) smile!
peps, mike,em,putters chilli anyone?
lloyd marcus, tracy, stan and katlin's head
Dwayne, Purple helen, and tony
parking at its best Tigs!
Mercs flying Mr Newton and Rozzo
children!!! smile!! mr T'Hulley
club80-90 wasnt me!No one will know , i picked it up quickly
no room for Jed! says it all!
Issac and Lou 3 T'Hulleys
by Jed
pictures by T'hulleys, Peps, MadWitch & FoD, Jed and mocki
LHD Rob! Get out and join us!





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