North West Most Haunted Meet Feb 2009

Twas the night of Friday Feb 27th 2009, that a group of weary travellers camped at Valle Crucis Abbey near Llangollen, North Wales . a sight of many a spirit.
Well the spirits did come, most bottled, Although none
Saturday came without incident and after breakfast most campers walked the trail into Llangollen alongside the canal, itself quite a beautiful walk....All returned safely to start the evenings entertainment "The Most Haunted" ghost walk through the Abbey, many photos were taken.  sceptics rebelled, believers rejoiced, many "orbs" were captured on the photos taken during the hunt.
Sunday arrived with a day that started grey but brightened up as we broke camp to go in 2 separate groups, one to Llangollen to see the steam trains there, and the other to "The Ponderosa" cafe atop of the Horseshoe Pass, with glorious views of the Welsh countryside. All in all a very enjoyable and successful weekend...and if the interest shown in this type of themed weekend was anything to go by....This is the 1st of many

By Geoff Parker (Rev.P.Daddy)

pictures so far by Andy & Julie and Rev Pimp Daddy and Rich Newton


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